Frequently asked questions

What is your COVID-19 Studio Policy?

We require everyone who uses the space to wear a face covering unless they are about to get their photos taken. Please maintain at least 6 ft distance from each other as best you can. Please use our disinfecting station to wipe down door knobs, light switches + furniture before leaving. If you or anyone in your group feels sick, please do not come to the space. As of Oct 2020, we are only allowed to have a MAX number of 10 people in the space at once.

Do I need Insurance?

The Answer is Yes! If you don't have a long term policy you can set one up on the spot for a one day use at www.thimble.com. A video of the process can be found on my IG highlights under Insurance.

How do I get into the space?

Once you send us your Certificate of Insurance. You will receive a confirmation email with your 4 digit code for the keypad as well specific information about the day of your rental.

Can I extend my time?

Your time can extended as long as no scheduled following the end of your visit. We do ask that you be mindful with your time by checking our calendar the night before. If time slots show available then feel free to shot us an email and we invoice for additional time if needed. We will check out cameras as well to confirm your leave time and will bill your credit card on file for the overage.

What's included in the rental?

Check out our studio guide for everything that is included. Ontop of all the props, walls + furniture, the space has a wheelchair accessable bathroom and lots of cleaning supplies for you to use to clean up.

Do you allow video shoots?

Yes, video shoots are allowed. Our studio doors aren't sealed so you may get background noise from the road and delivers.

Can you show up early?

We asked that your arrived as per your schedule time slot. You can arrive early and wait in the parking lot but do not enter the space until your scheduled session time.

What is your reschedule/cancellation policy?

Due to the non-refundable studio rental fee, in case of any cancellations (either due to the renter or the renter's client(s)), a studio rental credit will be issued after given at least 2 hour notice of cancellation. Renter must submit cancellation in writing to lashaypricephotography@gmail.com

Can I rent outside and bring outside furniture?

Absolutely! However, due to limited availability, Rentals need to be delivered + picked up same day. We cannot hold any rentals for you, so the rentals must be delivered and picked up within your rental time you booked.

Do you offer memberships?

Yes, Yes and Yes! Be sure to check out our Membership Page to learn more!

Do you have a vendor list?

We are currently building a vendor list but have some vendors listed in our studio guide. Should you need a specific vendor, please feel free to shoot us an email.

Do you offer classes?

Yes we do! We are working to have our 2021 workshop finalized before Decemvber 1. If you are intersted in hosting a workshop here, please send me an email @ lashaypricephotography@gmail.com

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